Operating Command

  1. 龍族的指令有兩組別 , 分別為 對話模式指令 及 鍵盤熱鍵表 , 大致上因應常用性而歸屬於該類別中。


  1. Common : The name of Edelblhoy with cosmos and the great storm
  2. Vyseus : Edelweroi of cosmos and the great storm
  3. Zypern: Edelweroi of cosmos and the great storm
  4. Yllse: For the name of Orem of red rose and justice

Player Function Menu

  1. when you in the Safe mode , you can move the mouse to target player and Right-Click the player to open a menu,
  2. ln left side will display name of selected player.
  3. (If you in Battle/PK Mode to Open a Function Menu ,Please hold the Ctrl key and mouse Right-Click the player)
  1. YC DragonRaja Changed
  2. Player Function Menu is not original function.



Command Description
/Ability redistribution reset Ability point
/GREET text Makes you say the desired text each time you click on a person with peacemode on.
/? open the tip file
/TIP open the tip file
/effect on Starts the 'shaking' effect on the ground from certain spells
/effect off Stops the 'shaking' effect on the ground from certain spells
/trade on enable the trade request.
/trade off disable the trade request.
/CHATHISTORY Lists the previous lines from normal chat.
/nk name Checks the NK of the person
/Battle skill open a windows of Combat skills
/change job change the display title
/explain open the HELP windows.
/Turning off explanation close the HELP windows.
/OFF close all windows (same of ESC)
/Owner When said in chat and the mouse pointer is nearby an NPC, the dialog window opens.
/running offsets /walking
/WALK Makes you walk slowly
/GUILDEXIT name kick out the member from your guild
/GUILDJOIN name request the player to join your guild
/GUILDMESSAGE text send the guild notice
/GUILDLV  lv  name Sets 'name' to guild rank lv
/Quitting guild Leave the guild
GUILDHISTORY view the guild history
/REVIVE 戰爭死亡時回到部隊出發點但沒血和體力。
/COMMANDER 看司令官可使用的指令。
/TROOP 看可部隊使用的指令。
/DUEL Name Proposes a dual with a person
/ATTACK  yyy zzz Makes ur monster yyy attack zzz
/NAME xxx  yyy Change monster's name from xxx to yyy
/FOLLOW yyy Makes ur monster 'yyy' (YYY=Monsters name) follow u
/STOP  yyy Makes ur monster (yyy) stop whatever its doing
/PARTY  name Adds a person to the party
/Party cancel 解散隊伍所有的人
/Note 重看所收到的訊息。
/ignore name ignore the WHISPER from name player.
/unignore accept the WHISPER from all player
/WHISPER Lists the previous whispers your received
/PT         /partytalk send a message to all party member.
/@party  text
/Invitation 對在所有區域裡玩家們發送尋找想要加入競技的玩家們的公告。
/Participation 在尋找想要加入競技的玩家們的公告浮現後,在其他的地圖裡的玩家,可以使用此指令,便能瞬間移動到競技場內參加競技。
/Colossus 可以在所有的地圖中確認並檢查競技場內"使用者人數"及"室長人名"等資訊。
  1. YC龍族 變更項目
  2. 增加 /guildparty , 設定進入 公會組隊 狀況 , 使用後將不能攻擊相同公會的成員。(重新輸入將會退出組隊)
  3. 增加 /nationparty , 設定進入 國家組隊 狀況 , 使用後將不能攻擊相同國家的成員。(重新輸入將會退出組隊)
  4. 增加 /shift , 設定自動按下 SHIFT 鍵狀況 , 即無法移動角色。
  5. 增加 /nomenu , 設定取消右鍵選單功能。
  6. 增加 /noalive , 設定不能在迷宮中被其他玩家復活 (使用後需重新登入才能離開)
  7. 增加 /takeonly <數值> , 只顯示相關組別的物品圖示 (可避免被其他人影響檢錯物品)




Hotkey Description
ESC Cancel all status windows and switch to command mode
E Open party window
D Open job skill window & sub skills
Q Open character information window
L Open Mail Box
Z Open Notice window
F Open Buddy List
P Open Face icon
/(反斜線) use the last magic
ALT+F4 Open Login out windows
Enter Ok or switch to chatting mode
A Open spell window
W Open inventory window
O Open system option window
S Open combat skill window
X Open War Administration window
H Help Menu
M Open mini map
Tab Switch between Peace, Battle & PK mode
SpaceBar Center screen on character
Ctrl 按住Ctrl鍵並將游標移到玩家角色身上可以看到其工作技能跟稱謂
F12 Print Scren
Ctrl+F9 Use selected choice of weapon & armory
Ctrl+F10 Use selected choice of weapon & armory
1~5 Use item on the main window
Ctrl + F1~F8 Config selected spell / combat skill / job skill
F1~F8 Use selected spell / combat skill / job skill
Ctrl+W 悄悄話功能︰想要跟別人私下傳話,可以同時按下Ctrl和W鍵會出現悄悄話視窗,此時鍵入要傳話的對方角色名稱按下enter鍵,接著再輸入要傳送的訊息再按下enter鍵即可。在對方的來信還沒消失前,按下enter鍵就不需要再打一次對方的id。
  1. YC龍族 變更項目
  2. 增加 Ctrl + F11 設定第三套武器裝備切換 設定完後按F11即可切換。
  3. 增加 F9 ~ F11 指令可記錄當時使用的物品屬性進行記憶 (原生為不記錄屬性)
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