1. 1) Foundation
  2. Ruhterino Vyseus the Great King entering his Autumn of Magic stood forth against the Dragon Lord's rule for freedom.
  3. The fated meeting of the Grand Wizard Handrake and Ruhterino the Great King leads to the freedom and establishment of the Vyseus Kingdom.
  4. 2) Religion
  5. Vyseus commonly believes in Uphinel and Helkaness,
  6. however as long as your beliefs in your God does not bring any harm to Vyseus and it's people, the Kingdom will not restrict you from practicing it."
  7. 3) Ecology
  8. Ruhterino the Great King has built and established the Vyseus Kingdom in the center of the continent,
  9. thus bringing various ecologies to the people from grasslands to forests and mountains. However, the forest and mountain sustains many monsters to reside within."
  10. 4) Characteristics
  11. Vyseus believes strongly in the individual's freedom and will, and respect the honor of justice and the knightly code."
  12. As i am human,one of the Eight Races, I was born for a citizen of Vyseus,
  13. The great king, Rutherino of Vyseus who human protected for himself.
  14. Vyseus was created by The Great King Ruhterino and the Knights of the Eight Stars.
  15. They establish Vyseus over their bloods which had spilt for this land.
  16. we add our sweat upon their blood and,
  17. Bringing more honor to Vyseus, and we assure of fighting for the freedom of Human earned through blood from the Dragon lord,
  18. As a citizen of Vyseus,
  19. I will act with dignity and honor, and swear it an oaths in the name of Uphinel and Helkaness.
  20. First, As a citizen of Vyseus, under the honor of the Great king Rutherino, I protect the freedom and justice of human
  21. Second, As a citizen of Vyseus, I respect knighthood and punish evil such as Rutherino behaved
  22. Third, As a citizen of Vyseus, I always obey all command of Yasas's loyal the king of Vyseus.


  1. 1) Foundation
  2. The greatest mecenary in history, Messinin Piress,
  3. also known as the 'Son of the Ocean' led his forces out into the south east to to fight against the Redaguhn Empire,
  4. which was the greatest Human Empire in history thus establishing the Zypern Kingdom."
  5. 2) Religion
  6. Zypern's main religion is ""Nhilim"" which stands for burning will.
  7. Many statues and ever-burning flames can be sighted in the Kingdom."
  8. 3) Ecology
  9. "Scholars note that before the ""Millenia Curse"",
  10. Zypern had plenty of rainfall and many rivers considering the zypern's traditional skill of sailing and sea-warfare.
  11. However Through the ""Millenia Curse"" Zypern is now a desert area with it's ancient cities buried underneath the sand. "
  12. 4)characteristics
  13. Farming skills from the ancient ages developed after the ""Millenia Curse"" to adopt to the desrt life.
  14. Irrigation from the Great Oasis makes farming possible but not abundant.
  15. Each family rules it's own part of the Kingdom maintaining the Zypern spirit."
  16. The Great Zypern Kingdom regards the loyalty in triebs each other as more important things than their life.
  17. A strong man only can survive in this country.
  18. In Vyseus is corrupting itself from the inside-out from the noble families which starve the people for their work is enforced upon.
  19. "Countries and Laws may differ, ""But as the Great Zypern's people," We cannot veil the truth.
  20. Now is the time to stand up and "Fight for the freedom of this land, for the" people who are suffering because of the corrupted acts of Vyseus.
  21. "For this, " The charter od the Great Zypern has been documented and "announced, to be widely known."
  22. "1. All who response to the call of the Zypern Kingdom,"
  23. "and all who wish to receive the call is a honorable citizen of Zypern"
  24. 2. All who stand in the meaning of the Great Kingdom
  25. "shall face inevitable war, and punishment" shortly following.
  26. 3. All acts that the dishonor against the honorable name of
  27. The Zypern Kingdom shall be punished by national law.
  28. 4. All People of the Zypern Kingdom "in every place of the continent,"
  29. shall act in cordance of the honor and authority "of the Kingdom. In work diligence,"
  30. in the matters of the kingdom full loyalty fighting for the beliefs and goals of the Kingdom.
  31. "5. Within the community of the Kingdom,"
  32. "none shall act selfishly, pledging loyalty to the "
  33. Families and the Hataan.
  34. 6. We shall practiceself-will and protect independence at all cost and must work diligently for the unification of the continent.


  1. 1) Foundation
  2. 8 knight mowed down the Dragon rod with the Great king Rutherino. then,Yllse was one of 8 knight.
  3. Yllse's achievement was recognized and received east area for fief.
  4. He appointed a grand duke, after northern conguest of the Great king Erined , his country was allowed for an independent state.
  5. 2) Religion
  6. There are the headquarters of Orem of rose and justice. Yllse also believe in Orem,
  7. he called Yllse knightage to justice knightage.
  8. Besides, he believe in other religion of the continent and his religion is in harmony within Yupinel and Helkaness.
  9. 3) Ecology
  10. Ylles is located between the big Mounts and sea. It is warm but occasionally, heavy storm.
  11. Westward blocking up with Red Mounts, eastward spread with sea that swallowed Grim Osenia of the first fisher.
  12. Northward located with holy forest of eternity and a place to rest of Dragon, Kar en Dragonian.
  13. 4) characteristics
  14. use Vyseus language for common language but, most of people are skillful in Hegemonia and Zypern language.
  15. they earns al living by a small scale and trilateral trade, and they are developed with rare food culter.
  16. Yllse make a cautious dipomacy among the surroundings of 3 powerful country, Vyseus, Zypern, Hegemonia.
  17. We born under divine protection of grim osenia and simunian.
  18. Grim osenia and sinunian love rose of the ground and that justice of the sea.
  19. Yllse dukedom was eastablished through enthusiasm and good faith of Yllse grand duke I and our ancestor. So, We
  20. For the first time We became able to thread this ground and sea freely.
  21. Now we meet our practicing turn for our posterity.
  22. As a citizen of Yllse, possessing pride,
  23. keeping the following articles, for the name of yupinel and helcanes I swear.
  24. First, Aas a citizen of Yllse, i love the legend of faith of that 8 knights.
  25. Second, As a citizen of Yllse, i purnish the vice for the name of justice that 3 knights of the sky protect.
  26. Third, As a citizen of Yllse, i come true the justice of the continent after the meaning of Orem.
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