Race Information

In Dragon Raja there are eight sentient races present, eight type of beings who can talk, think and worship.


  1. Uphinel's little children. They are defined by being in complete harmony with others and among themselves. Elves' primal religion is Gran Elver.



  1. Known for their gift and affinity with metals and gems, dwarves' eyes see through all illusions and deceptions.
  2. A proud race who count honor above all else, dwarves' primal religion is Kariss Numen.



  1. A race of little bodies with wings, fairies live above the boundary of dimensions, even that of gods.
  2. In the place of a deity, the Fairyqueen rules and represents the fairies.



  1. A race with light furry feet and height half that of humans, they're a dexterous race.
  2. Halflings' primal religion is Teperi.



  1. A race of fierce fighters, orcs have short, stocky bodies compared to humans and boar-like heads.
  2. Survival of the fittest is their social norm, and battles, especially battles in vengeance is the most important activity for orcs.
  3. Orcs are nocturnal creatures, and only males go out of their caves, while females bring up the youth in the deepest part of the cave. Orcs' primal religion is Farencha.



  1. A race of strength that far surpasses the other races, dragons answer to none, no gods, but themselves.
  2. Dragons are said to be the owners of magic, and the first ones to teach magic to other races.



  1. The only ones favored by both Uphinel and Helkanes,
  2. they may worship all gods, while other races follow the deity of their race.
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