1. 1) Farmer
  2. Basic Skills are reclaiming, sowing, harvesting.
  3. 1. You buy a Shovel, a Sickle and Seed
  4. 2. You go to the field of Village and wear a Shovel and push the reclaim Icon and reclaim the field by rate of 100%.
  5. 3. You push the Sow Icon and seed a field with the seed you bought.
  6. 4. Time goes by, the Grain grows up, you wear a Sickle and push the Harvest Icon and harvest the Grains.
  7. 5. You earn some money with selling the Grains harvested.
  8. 2) Fisher
  9. Basic Skills are fish-hooking and netting.
  10. 1. You buy a Fishing Rod at Fishing shop and go to the Fishing Spot.
  11. 2. You wear a Fishing Rod and push fish-hooking Icon and Click the place where you think fish is plenty of.
  12. 3. Time goes by, you will get amount of fishes one by one.
  13. 4. You can sell the Fishes to Fishing shop or eat them for increasing numerical Hungry Value.
  14. 3) Miner
  15. Basic Skills are detect mineral, mining, refining.
  16. 1. You buy a Pickax at blacksmith's workshop and go to the rock area where mineral exist.
  17. 2. You check that place with pushing detect mineral Icon.
  18. 3. You wear the Pickax and push the mining Icon and click the place where the mineral exist..
  19. 4. During the mineral mined one by one, you push the Refine Icon and refine them with ingot.
  20. 5. You sell the ingot that is finished with refining to Blacksmith and earn money.
  21. 4) Lumberjack
  22. Basic Skills are cutting and lumbering.
  23. 1. You buy a Lumberjack Ax and a Saw at Carpenter's shop and go to the woods are overgrown.
  24. 2. You wear Lumberjack Ax and push the cutting Icon and click a thick wood with Ax.
  25. 3. During the woods cut one by one, you wear a saw and push the lumbering Icon and lumber the cut wood.
  26. 4. You earn money with selling the well lumbered wood to Carpenter's shop.
  27. 5) Hurb Digger
  28. Basic Skills are detect Herb, digging, making powder.
  29. 1. You buy a hoe and a bowl at Herb shop and go to the where herb is hiding.
  30. 2. You push detect Herb Icon and find the place herb is hiding.
  31. 3. You wear a hoe and push digging Icon and click the place with a hoe where the Herb is hiding.
  32. 4. You put the digged Herb in Backpack and wear a pestle and Bowl and push the making powder Icon and grind the digged herb..
  33. 5. You sell the powder that is grinded to Herb shop or use it directly.
  34. 6) Butcher
  35. Basic Skills are butchering and shearing
  36. 1. You buy a Butcher Knife and a Scissors at Butcher's shop and go to the Pasture.
  37. 2. After killing a Cow, wearing a Butcher Knife, pushing shearing Icon and clicking the Cow and Getting a Leather and a Meat.
  38. 3. You wear a Scissors and push the shearing Icon and click the sheep and shear..
  39. 4. You earn some money to sell the Meat, Leather and Wool to Butcher's shop.
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