Class Introduction

  1. 職業是一個人物的特徵裡面最重要的,這影響他的各種能力值、使用武器的能力差異、每種職業的特有能力、開始時身上所帶的物品等等,
  2. 最重要的則是戰鬥方式的差異,職業代表冒險家來自不同的領域。
  3. 在龍族的世界中,共有5種職業供網友選擇, 各職業都有其特性和特色,在遊戲中玩家可以自由選擇以達到遊戲的樂趣。

Job Skills

  1. 每個職業除了天生屬性上的差異外,最大的不同點就在於各自有不同的技能。例如盜賊,可以設下炸彈,也可以偵測陷井,讓隊伍在冒險時避開不必要的傷害;祭司可以幫變成幽靈的朋友復活等等。
  2. 將你的技能快捷列打開,可以看到你所能使用的職業技能列表,點選你要用的技能,然後將游標移到你要使用技能的地方按下滑鼠左鍵,此時會有一陣音符從你身上出現,然後會有訊息告訴你是否成功。在低等級時當然會很容易失敗,試著多練幾次吧!


  1. Your character has different abilities.
  2. Each ability has an unique effect on your character and you can improve that effect by putting more points into that Ability.
Ability Explan
STR It's the Power that can make Damage with using short-distance Weapon and is important Value for Warrior just like CON. It needs for using One Hand Sword, both Hand Sword, Spear, Ax, Fencing Sword.
DEX It is a numerical Value that shows agility and accuracy and it is important to Archer and Thief that use a bow and a dagger and to Warrior that use a Spear.
CON It shows the Health, namely Life Energy. Numerical Life Value increase and decrease according to this. It is very important to nearly all class, especially to Warrior.
WIS It's needed for Priest to learn and use Protection Magic and to wear Staff for Priest and Clothes.
INT It's needed for Wizard to learn and use attack Magic and to wear Staff for Priest and Clothes.
CHA Increases character's max Combat Points.
ENDU It does the role that is to increase the endurance against Magic.
MOVP It's needed for wearing Shoes that increase agility for movement, especially important for Archer and Thief.
LUCK It has an effect on the success rate of physical attack and Magic on the fate of one's own(It's not adjusted on Game yet.
WS It has an effect on Numerical Mana Value and MP(Mana point) of Wizard.
PS It has an effect on Numerical Divine Value of Priest.
  1. YC DragonRaja Changed
  2. LUCK point will increase the CRI (Supper hit) rate.
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